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"Strive to achieve what you really
want in life before you get used to
what you’ve already got"

Gaby Gonen

About me

Gaby Gonen is a businessman living in New York City. He has done extensive research on the organizations and behavior of the world’s most successful people and businesses such as Bill Gates, the Disney corporation, McDonalds and Dell computers corp.
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What I do

Gaby has been associated with Life Alert for 18 years, working his way up from a Salesperson to being the New York office's Sales Director where he supervises a staff of about 70.
Coming from a military background provided Gaby the discipline to persevere, while meeting, Life Alert's owner and founder, Isaac Shapher provided the inspiration and opportunity.
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Get in touch

Personally available with an open-door policy, Gaby Gonen does everything in his power to make sure he changes lives on a daily basis. Contact Gaby Gonen at Life Alert for quotes, questions or your concerns. He will have the pleasure to assist you.
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