About Me

Gaby Gonen is a businessman living in New York City. He has done extensive research on the organizations and behavior of the world’s most successful people and businesses such as Bill Gates, the Disney corporation, McDonalds and Dell computers corp. He immersed and digested the most insightful thoughts of some of the world’s greatest minds, looking to first understand and then implement, teach and share with others, as Gaby says:
“Strive to achieve what you really want and love before they get used to what you've already got”.

Gaby was fortunate to come across this information many years ago and now wants to give others the same opportunity to listen and apply what was used and has helped some of the world’s most successful people.
He also Says :“The best thing about information is, that even if you give it all away, you still have it all”.

Gaby’s accomplishments are in the Sales, Marketing and Management of businesses. He is consulting new and existing business alike. He advises companies on marketing, branding and building sales teams of which some have generated tens of millions of dollars. This message, “The Strangest Secret in the World” is one of many works in progress. It was originally recorded by Earl Nightingale. Gaby plans to continue in his journey of helping others enjoy and benefit of all the valuable information he has come across and of course his own ideas and methods by in this recording, writing books, and appearing on Television, radio and online.

Gaby Gonen at Life Alert

Gaby has been associated with Life Alert for 18 years, working his way up from a Salesperson to being the New York office's Sales Director where he supervises a staff of about 70.

Coming from a military background provided Gaby the discipline to persevere, while meeting, Life Alert's owner and founder, Isaac Shapher provided the inspiration and opportunity.

And they did it! Through dedication and hard work Gaby and his team lead the way and set the standards which all others are measured against.
When he first began, Life Alert was a unique one-of-kind commodity, the system was relatively expensive, sales were accomplished in person, face to face and the company grew accordingly. Yet they knew if they developed the ability to bring the cost down, enlarge the demographics, they could help many more people who really needed their services and then prosper as a result.

Certainly there are other challenges that must be addressed in the field of health care. Gaby is thinking of how Life Alert can positively impact more lives. Gaby simply can't be satisfied with "what is" being done now to help our customers and grow the business, but instead always ask "what else can they do" to make it easier for those who struggle everyday with health issues and concerns.