-- Jun 26,2013 --

GABY GONEN: The Only Answer to Sales

Meet Gaby Gonen, the sales director at LIFE ALERT Company in New York, a man so integrated into sales' system and with vast achievements not only in meeting the consumers' expectations, but also creating work plans to motivate his staff in providing customers with quality products and services.

Reputation is Gonen's most valuable and also most valued possession. Though it costs absolutely nothing, sales manager, business directors and employees must have a good reputation. For sale managers, a good reputation will extend to his company's reputation as well. Doing anything to smash up either your individual reputation or that of the company, could destroy your business. It takes time building strong individual status and/or rapport with clients and seconds to destroy it. Gonen affirms that you have to walk and walk in order to fulfil the promise you make to customers. A good reputation has lead Gaby Gonen to meet prominent figures not just in political arena but also in business field. At an event in Gracie's mansion in New York City, Gonen met Michael Bloomberg, the current Mayor of NYC. Together with the philanthropist Bloomberg, they discussed various business ventures, securities brokerage and the negative impacts of economic fall-out on business. Also, Gonen has had a chance of meeting and sharing ideas with the present United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.


As a manager one of LIFE ALERT's largest operations, situated in New York, Gonen, has demonstrated brilliance and tremendous success, not only for the independent contractors and employees of the business, but also the company itself. Gaby Gonen's managerial approach is characterized with never-ending selfimprovement and detail research into the success of other business organizations. In his office, one will be welcomed with a library consisting of various books, about business and companies in Fortune 500 and how these companies expanded not only from the financial point of view, but also in management and professional sales strategies.

As a team leader, Gaby Gonen strives to develop those he leads, as well as him. It's Gonen's attribute to lead by example and integrity. As a result of industrious efforts, to learn from mistakes, to grow and improve from client's remarks and compliments, he has experienced success with LIFE ALERT. LIFE ALERT staff members confirm Gaby's approach with them as his personal interest. They further describe him as driver who apart from "driving" the business: teaches, encourages, and appreciates staff's dedication and hard work.

Gonen continuously works on improving himself and in doing so he incorporates the contribution from his staff. He knows his staff on an individual basis and appreciates working with them on that basis. To achieve all this, he maintains an open-door to his staff and makes himself readily available to them, regardless of what day of the week or what time of the day.
We achieve quality when staff, products, and services do the right things at the right time for the customers", stated Gaby Gonen. He is the Sales Director for LIFE ALERT in New York. "Quality," "excellence," "commitment" and "value" are words you'll hear him use to describe the services and care they provide to their consumers. Mr. Gonen states he begins with a work plan designed to ensure they identify, monitor, evaluate, review and take action to improve the services they provide. It's a team approach to success. Mr. Gonen strives to inspire staff in all areas of the business, which have a direct impact on service. Happy workers are better workers and they provide better service, which in turn creates satisfied customers. The New York office is dedicated to providing quality service, with a focus on helping their customers maintain a safer lifestyle with more peace of mind.

The success he has experienced with LIFE ALERT is the result of his tireless efforts to learn, to grow, and to improve. His approach with his staff is one of personal interest. The office doesn't have the feel of a big corporation. Several staff members confirmed this. They described Gaby as a 'driver', but one that teaches, encourages, and appreciates the staff's hard work and dedication. He knows his staff on an individual level and works with them on that level. Gaby Gonenmaintains an open-door to his staff and makes him available to them, no matter what day of the week or what time of day."